Primary Reference Number (PRN) : 08117g
Trust : Glamorgan Gwent
Community : Blaenavon
Unitary authority : Torfaen
NGR : SO251096
Site Type (preferred type first) : Post-Medieval Brickyard
Status : Scheduled Monument 

The site and surviving earthworks of the main brick yard serving Blaenavon Ironworks. Fire bricks were needed in vast quantities to line furnaces and for other purposes, and the Blaenavon company had a large brick-making operation. This site, a short distance up hill from the works, was shown on the Blaenavon map of 1814 and may have been built as early as 1788. It was shown still in operation on the OS 25" map of 1920. The brickworks consisted of drying sheds, brick-making sheds and kilns. This was located on the southern edge of a large area of clay pits served by tramroads, pathways and coal levels. The clay pits remain intact in a complex landscape, and cottage walls adjacent to the brickworks itself are made of waste bricks and tuyeres. Other wasters are found throughout the southern part of the site. The brickworks itself was demolished around the 1960s, but it is likely that substantial foundations remain. The scheduled area is bounded on the east by the verge of the Abergavenny Road, on the south by the northern boundary wa1l of the former Brickyard House, on the west by the foot of tips and the enclosure of Cwm-dwfn, and on the north by the field boundaries and track to New House. Of national importance as a little-altered group of clav pits with archaeological potential for remains of the brickworks itself, and for group value in association with Blaenavon Ironworks and other features of the Blaenavon World Heritage Site. (01)

Sources : 
01/Pm list/CADW SAM/2002
02/Pm List/CADW site visit/P Wakelin/2001

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Compiled date : 06-12-2002