Some of the brilliant groups we hope will join us

Dawnswyr Blaenafon
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Dawnswyr Blaenafon is a group of people who like to learn and maintain traditional Welsh dance and dances from other traditions, and have fun at the same time.

Tiger Feet

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Dance group based in Cardiff performing Appalachian dance (sometimes called Appalchian clogging) 

Sweet Rapper


Men of Sweyn's Ey

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Sweyn was a Dane who founded a settlement on an island ‘ey’ off the mouth of the river Tawe.  This was then called Sweyn’s Ey which later became Swansea. 

Why do we do it ? We do it just for fun.  We’re a very sociable bunch and enjoy dancing at various venues such as fetes, festivals, weddings and of course our regular pub tours during the summer months

It’s also a great way to keep fit and it keeps an ancient tradition alive.

Isca Morris

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Isca Morris have been the local Morris side in the Newport and Gwent area since 1976. We meet every Wednesday evening to practice or we dance out at pubs around Gwent. In addition we dance at folk festivals, beer festivals, fetes, weddings and all sorts of local events

Cwmni Gwerin Pont y Pwl

Cwmni Gwerin Pontypwl are a Welsh folk dance team aiming to keep alive the culture and tradition of Welsh music and dance. We dance at displays and festivals, not only in Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom but also in Europe, where we have links with other traditional

Blaina Line
Hose's Flamenco
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Flamenco is the term is used to refer to a variety of Spanish musical styles

Dr Turberville's Morris

Dr Turberville’s Morris is a mixed Morris "side" or team originally from Crewkerne in Somerset, UK, we can now be found at Somerton also in Somerset. We "do" Morris dancing (of which more later); mostly Cotswold Morris and some Border Morris. We take our name from the most famous son of Crewkerne, the celebrated oculist Dr. D'Aubigny Turberville.

Alison Lee Academy
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The Alison Lee Academy of Dance is a dance school based in Blaenavon, established in 1995, teaching Ballet, Tap and Modern Dance

Tipyn o Bopeth


"Dawnswyr Tipyn o Bopeth" are a group of dancers and musicians who display and promote the traditional  dance  heritage  of  Wales at home and abroad.

Maypole Dancers

Strictly Valleys

Topaz Tribal

Maya Fusion

Ysgol Bryn Onnen